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My Services
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The services which I provide here are that of general medical treatment and of psychiatric / psychological. These services are due to the needs of the foreigners here as well as the Chinese population.
Medical services are just that, but there are also specialits in different areas available, such as OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Internal Medicine a Dentist and more.
Because of the need for foreigners to have someone who understands their needs in English, it is something I try to provide for them. This as well as the psychological services of course. My previous specialty was emergency medicine until I changed that to psychiatry.
So here, I provide both.
The hospital provides medicines, x-rays, laboratory tests, and even provides on-call 24 hour a day support for both general problems and emergencies.
What we don't have here or provide, we are able to assist you with so you are never alone.

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Psychological / Life Problems May Cause:

- Pain (headache, neck, back, stomach)
- Vertigo, Dizziness
- Tiredness
- No Energy
- No Interest in Anything, (or very little interest)
- Insomnia, (can't sleep well)
- Different Types of Physical Problems with No Explanation Why When Tested
- Bad Mood, (or changing moods often for no apparent reason)
- Easy To Be Angry, Lose Temper
- Feeling No Point In Living, (no meaning in life)
- Thoughts Of Suicide
Can anyone help?      Yes


For any questions or to schedule an appointment please e-mail me at:

Doc Marko

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