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Dr. Matt Marko Ph. D




So love, that inescapable feeling that lies so deep within us all. That feeling of so many descriptions and of which we desire most in the world, indeed in our lives, and yet, so many the times is indescribable. We seek it out; yearn for it, hope and dream of it. Chase to find it with ever fiber of our being, of our soul. Wondering all the while, where is this thing we seek? When will it come? Like stumbling in the dark night in search of something that were not even sure of when and if we find it.


It seems so, that so very few we humans can find the real truth of it and to even more amazement, to come close to understanding it. To describe it, to place into the mere words of humankind. So many we can find but is it the real meaning of it this thing we seek, or just the only way we can find to tell of something which seems to go beyond that of our deepest desires.


Do we know of it truly? So much around us. The world and all its complexities and constant turning of our so-called life. The existence of humankind in this the thing we call life. Altered, changed continually. Where is it that the one thing is the truth? But we are blinded, confused and at no wonder there is such. As all the things that exist around us. To poke and prod us. To move in so many directions and as it seems all at once. At the least a continual flow of so many other feelings. How do we possibly filter this all through our minds? The constant and incessant input of all things and people around us. The reality of our life’s existence. The pursuit of the physical and the things of life. Those things, which have been instilled in us as the importance of life. Those things that yes are by needed to live in the world that has developed around us. For our cultures and societies, which have thrust upon us, this way of what is life is supposed to be. And this in whereby we/they have twisted in some fashion the path of our meaning of that life we seek out. Those things forced upon us, forced into becoming what and how we must be in order to fit. To survive. But and in this, where do we draw that mysterious line. That line in where we do see our true happiness. That place and way in where we search for and find that truest of love. That real love.


Real love. And now after so long, do we know what that is? If we see it, do we know of it? Or has this too become a mist of unclear thoughts that fills us. Distorted from that which is the most truth. Love. That thing of devotion, dedication, compassion, understanding, caring, sympathy, lust, desire, need, compatibility, comfort, dependability, security, trust, patience, creativity, work, pain and pleasure. Yes, so much more than the one single word love. It is these things and yet so much more. Some so clear to see and so much yet a fog of non-graspable thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes within us so easy and still and then at those moments, such a flurry, a whirlwind of emotions so stirred inside of us that we could barely contain it. Sometimes it seems to only drive us mad. And yet still we do seek this, that elusive desire to bond with that other someone. Many so often to try and to fail. And even then we compromise. We have sought it so desperately that we change our desires for the real world and the desperation of it that bounds within us. We try, we fail. And so often in perplexity of the why of it all. Too fall, too suffer this deepest of pains at times. And all for the mere thought of it. The mere perchance to find and to fill our heart. That need. That of all humans to fulfill what is inherent in us all. To be loved and to love. To have to be that which we are to feel is the happiest and the truest purpose of our life’s existence. Because if not this, then for what. Solely not of just procreation, although it is equally compelling in so many ways also. But to share all with the ability of only that one person in the world to whom we can. The only one of the billions that surrounds us. The only one with whom when the rest of the world has gone insane, brings us the light. That gives us the hope, the determination, the comfort that can only come from the truest form of this union. This love.


So we seek it out with so much of ourselves to risk it all at times. And as it should be. For far too many have forget or even have never known. And that is the sad thing of it. To forget, to lose this most valuable thing. But there are those who do. Those who find it somehow in this world around us with all it’s complexity and difficulty to comprehend. Those few who will settle for no less and as it should be although forget and forsaken by so many. And at last in the end if we can see, if we can remember, if we can try, there is but that hope. And the hope to find can carry us forever.   

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