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Dr. Matt Marko M.D. Ph.D

Chinese Name -  ma jun jie


Licensed and Certified in China

General Medicine and Psychiatry


Ningbo and Hangzhou Ministry of Health


Nationality: US citizen


North American International Hospital

Hangzhou, China

General Medicine / Psychiatrist



First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

Hangzhou, China

Physician General Medicine 11th. Floor International Clinic

Psychiatrist 3rd. Floor Outpatient Department

Medical / English Editor HBPD INT Medical Journal

Clinical medicine within the International Health Care Center

Oversee general and psychological medical treatment of primarily foreign patients. To see Chinese psychiatric and psychology patients.


Kangning Mental Health Hospital

Ningbo, China


To provide case reviews of both in and out patients. To provide training and continued education of the doctors at this facility for further advancement in the field of psychiatry and psychology. To give teaching lectures and support through patient case reviews. 


Private Practice


Clinical and therapeutic counseling and treatments in dealing with a wide array of patient problems, medically, mentally and emotionally. Disaster counseling for victims and others, which stemmed from mass disaster as associated with the County Emergency Management Office as well as individual crisis interventions, suicide prevention and hostage negotiations.


Bon-Secure Hospital System

Physician/Psychiatrist-Emergency Department Department.

Specialty of hospital emergency department physician at first and then as psychiatrist. To deal with any and all emergencies which presented to the hospital emergency department. A member of the AIDS task force, and mass disaster team leader. Physician for the training of the emergency medical technicians / paramedics who worked the ambulances.


Aventis Bio-Services

Company Doctor

The company physician performing physical examinations, training of various staff members in health safety code compliances, assuring compliances in OSHA standards for the workplace and for the plasma collections done at these facilities.


County-Deputy Coroner

Deputy Coroner for the County Government office of Coroner. To respond to any area of the County where a death had occurred. To determine if death was by accident, suicide or homicide. Following up of deceased persons by way of autopsy. Handling of all cases according to the result of the final findings. To coordinate and deal with any mass disaster emergencies as they may arise and to coordinate the efforts of all County departments involved.





Degrees-General Associates Degree in Arts & Sciences.

From Two Technical Colleges.

BS- Healthcare Services                      Alameda University


Masters of Arts Counseling


Alameda University

Masters of Science-Psychology

Masters of Science-General Medicine

                  Ph.D. in Medicine/                                

Berkeley University and USC

Ph.D. in Psychiatry 

Ph.D. in Philosophy



Medical Clerkships, Internships, Residencies.

Clerkship and Internships through Berkeley University and USC medical facilities.


Residency through USC medical and Bon-Secure Hospitals.


*Specialty was Emergency Medicine and Changed to Psychiatry after 1998


State of South Carolina and North Carolina

      -Certification in Recognizing Substance Abuse

      -Certification Team Management Skills

        -Certification Environmental Health and Safety

       -Certification The Character Disordered Client

         -Certification Childhood Trauma

       -Certification National Pre-Hospital Life Support

         -Certification in Mass Disaster Management


Registered Member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists- Clinically Certified.


Registered Member of the Cognitive Therapy Association


Registered Member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy


Other Details:

Have been living in China mostly for the last three years. Starting in Wuhan and then moving to Ningbo. After that choose to move to Hangzhou which I have found to be a place that I like very much and have decieded to call home.


My future hope is to establish myself here and to find a good way in which to form cooperations and exchanges of medical and social knowledge for a better future of understanding and progress for us all.



419 He Fang Street Hangzhou, China 310002

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