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Where Do We Go From Here?


A viewpoint of the world and humans


By Dr. Matt Marko PhD



Here we are at this point and time in the world’s history. Do we have progress as a race of humans? Or are we simply repeating the same things over and over in new ways. Have we advanced in our humanity and understanding of the world and people? Or are we still where we started. Yes, some things appear to have changed. Some things we have done are not the exact same any longer. Did they change, or just trade these for other things.


As I look pack at the past and now at the present and postulate on the future, I lose a certain amount of hope. Hope that we will become more than we have been or more so of what we will become.


We are a collection of many different things to be sure. A world, many countries, cultures and people of much diversity.  Beliefs, religions, thoughts, dreams, hopes and desires. People, humans both separate and together on this one planet. All of us in this together. Or are we. It seems that many times we are not.


So why is it that we are in this place as we are now? I look around and see the destructiveness of humans all around us. Countries fighting on a continual basis for one thing or another. People fighting on a continual basis the same. So maybe that’s part of the point. We can’t agree as individuals so understandable that we can’t agree as a Government or as a country. Each of us in our own way looking, thinking, feelings and acting as we do to all that which is around us. We cannot seem to come to terms with many things. Each thinking that only their way is the right way whatever that view may be. A difficult thing to sometimes overcome to be certain. Even I find myself in this place.


I see the fighting and many disagreements all around the world. I see the senseless acts of Countries and people throughout everyday that should in all respects, not happening. Wars that occur and for what real reasons we as a whole probably don’t even know of. We all have are secrets, are way of what we think is protecting ourselves. Our Governments have their agendas, and is it the will of the people of that place, or is it only by those who are there in the positions at that time? They forget quite easily that the people ARE the reason for all of this. They forget to listen, to hear, to understand and to deal with these issues. Yes they all have their secrets and reasons for all the things that they do. The United States, just as other Countries, have their way of doing things. Information, disinformation, and plans of how to do what they want, how they want and when they want. But is this the best thing? Is this what most people want? In some ways, it is.


As individuals, we much of the time don’t care so much. We are trying to survive, live our lives and say a lot that it has nothing to do with us. That we cannot change anything. We are just one person we say. But we forget that each person who stands for the same thing, becomes much more than that.


It seems at times that the only ones who come close to understanding this are the terrorists of the world. Although very wrong in what they do, it is also understandable to see why they do what they do. They have something they believe in, something of which they are trying to say. And they feel that the only way to be heard is through their violence. And unfortunately, this is sometimes the case. It is the wrong way to be certain. Harming other humans is not the answer. It is the basic first path of how as humans we must also change. To not harm each other.


The Palestinians, Israelis, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudanese, Korea and so many others fighting who they perceive as their enemy and even worse each other. Some of these many conflicts that have lasted and gone on for many many years as it seems without end. And all of this for what reasons? Because they cannot agree on something. Because they don’t like this or that about someone else.


Different countries, different cultures, different religions, different environments, different beliefs, thoughts and ideas for many different reasons. So what? What real difference does any of this make? We are different as individuals, so of course we are different as a nation as well. We sometimes think we are fighting because we believe that only one way, our way is the right way. We have it seems the inability to accept that which is different from ourselves. That part of us as humans that we can’t seem to change. The human brain does think as it does. Those habits of how we act and respond to things that are around us. We form our opinions and thoughts and feelings as we do. And even though we are all from different places, some of this part is much the same thing in us all. So we try to control so many others with what we think is best. But for what reasons we want to control them is not so purely motivated. Doing what we think is right for the wrong reasons can still be wrong and often is.


So we fight, we kill, we argue forever, and about what? About land, money, power, politics, religion personal individual beliefs and more. We kill in the name of ideas, many times over what we believe in our religious beliefs. To kill another human being, to kill innocent people, women and children in the name of our God or for any reason actually, can be seen as only one thing, inhuman and insane. There is no justification no matter how it may feel to the person(s) who would do this. No, God would want such a thing if he, she, they are a true God. Life is precious and short enough. This action does not further the progress of what they/we may be seeking, but only places blood on our hands, which will never be erased. And when is it that we learn that it’s just wrong, plain wrong. You would think that common sense and humanity would rule, but it seems that other things in us won’t allow this to be. The world and the people in control are opposed to the right thing. Big money rules the world, alongside politics and other agendas. Just as I see President George Bush and the owners’ of the oil companies etc are the ones who will never change. They will not allow the right things due to the fact that there is too much money and power to be kept. At least my opinion in the matter sees it this way.


People make these actions from their frustrations of not being heard or acknowledged by those with the possibly ability to create change. But they should also ask themselves, is the change the best thing for everyone. Everyone, and not just a few in the grand scheme of things. If enough people feel a certain way, then they should find a new way to make that change. A way in whereby we don’t hurt or kill each other. A way in which we can still feel human in all ways. So it is an effort and task of us all, from each individual to the top of the Governments to learn and use in the right ways. The ones in power must listen to these things and respond, as they should. They cannot continue to just sweep things aside and to ignore them. The people, even the individual should be heard because what they have to say might just be a very valid problem that needs to be addresses and solved. Just may be very justifiable. If we forget about the individuals, we may be forgetting the whole as well. And we may be not solving something that we should. Time and time again, we see people doing something terrible, and we ask why? Because so many times no one listened, really listened and attempted to do something.


We have become so complex and so desensitized to so much around us that we fail to see more than we know. We, are the cause of the problems and responses of all those around us. We are all in a way responsible for those terrible actions we see and hear about, and it is we, all of us that must find the ways in which to change this. Where and what we are, what and how we have become did not happen overnight, but is has happened. But we have a choice. Choices that can either be what is morally or logically right, or to continue with what is wrong. And it is up to each and everyone of us.


We have so many other things, which should be much higher on our minds and in our concerns. We have people in the world who are homeless, starving unable to survive. People whose lives are only about the struggle to survive, to just simply live. People who cannot find their way in life and suffer the hopelessness as only they can. People who live with fear everyday in their lives. Wondering if today they or a family member will die. Just now as the people of Pakistan are in the middle of one of the most horrible natural disasters in the world’s history with thousands and thousands dead and missing. Even more of which will still die due to the aftermath of what has happened and what is to come. And I see that there are difficulties in getting aid to these people because of political interference. And still in the mists of all this suffering and tragedy, there is still the issues as always that others throughout the world are still occupied with the disputes and fighting that they are embroiled in. This instead of saying, ok we must put these differences aside, at least for a moment, and to do what we SHOULD do and help these people. But, as many are, they are only dealing with mostly their own part of the world. Concerned only with what they think is most important. While there is supposed to be humanity in humans, this is evident that many times it is not the case. So we continue to argue, to fight, to disagree and think that the only resolution is to kill each other or to control by force. Even in the face of such events as this.  


From the beginning of time as we know of mankind’s start, we have not see man’s brain that it uses any percentage so much higher than we began with. It is what it is. So this means what? That mankind will continue in this what I can only call insanity until we can use a greater percentage of our brain? We must wait for evolution to make a jump or medical science to create something which will change this? And in either case I fear that by then, it may or will be too late. That we will remain blind to what is happening around us and continue on this same path which we have been on for so long. That the destruction of the world is inevitable due to mankind’s stubborn ignorance.


We are faced with many natural disasters to deal with as it is, and of which seems for all purposes on the rise. We take and take from this planet as if it is an endless supply. Without regard for the deadly consequences that we will face in the future. Just as we destroy 100 acres a day of the rainforests, something of which we cannot live without and of which could unleash almost any type of virus or disease of which we no nothing about as well as destroying possible cures for other things that we have not discovered as yet. Much of this only in the name of greed and selfishness. The avian virus / bird flu, H5N1 which now and as I have been saying for several years is potentially a world wide problem which can develop and mutate into a strain which could kills thousands upon thousands of the population of this planet before we could gain control over it. Even though enough of the medical and scientific community now sees this and is working on it. And hopefully, not too late in the effort. These and many things will come to us. Come to us a planet, as a race of humans to deal with and to overcome in the face of. But we still continue to fight over our petty differences. To fight with each other. And is this worth destroying the entire human race?


We must stop. We must change things as they are if we wish to survive, to become better as a race of people on this one planet. To be more than our nationality but to be a race of humans. Each individual group and more, if we do nothing, are as much of the problem as those who do the clearly wrong things. We must care for each other, and in doing so, spread this to all other people. The more there are, the more there will be. And this hopefully until it is a part of most of us and our countries as well. We must learn to accept the differences in us all. To live and let live. Without, prejudice, without hate and fear of what is different. It makes no sense to stay on the path as we are now. And only with change will it begin to be repaired. We all have he right to live a certain way and should accept this in others as well. Different doesn’t mean that a thing is absolutely wrong, it is just different. If someone wishes to believe in something other than what we believe in, so what? It is up to them. As long as what occurs doesn’t violate the main point of life itself. To do no harm to someone else. To not hurt or kill. To treat each other with respect and to acknowledge their individual right as a person or a nationality or a culture to be as they wish to be. There is nothing wrong in that at all. It is as it should be and not as we treat it now. So many places, so many people who cannot find a resolution to the problems around them. Violence is not the answer. Terrorist activity is not the answer. We will not get change in this way. Why are they there? Because no one is listening to the problems and trying to find the answers needed. No they do not help with these acts of violence, but as humans, frustrated and seeing no other way, this is what they do. But as Gandhi of India pointed out, there are alternatives. There is nothing much in this world or life that is really impossible; we only have to find the way to do it. Easy? No of course not in may cases. But possible, most certainly yes. Must we cannot give into the past but instead must seek new ground, a new way and stand firm. Common sense and more tell us that we must do this. For if we do not, we are doomed to failure. And this failure means that we all lose.


I for one do not have all the specific answers, nor am I supposed to. I see what I see and it is up to many people to see this as well. To change or to help change what looks like is coming, to what should be coming. A safer and better world in which to live in, to continue in a way that ensures a better happier life for all. To ensure are survival for all the people, for the world.


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Nothing Is Impossible....You Just Have To Find The Way.